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Assessment, Intervention and Consultation: Individuals, Couples, and Families

Welcome to my home page! I am so glad you decided to visit.

“Direct,” “empathic,” “non-judgmental,” and “gentle” is how clients describe my approach.  With respect, care, and guidance toward empowerment, my expertise is working with couples and families navigating relationship obstacles, adult/child survivors of sexual abuse, LGBTQ clients, women of color, South-Asian clients, and a variety of clients from all walks of life, struggling with a multitude of life challenges.

I believe that trust and comfort are the foundation of each client/practitioner relationship. This journey, which begins with what I know as a very difficult first step, is about you.  Right here and now, is your chance to begin to enjoy a life that is more satisfying.  Throughout this journey, I remain 100% present with you as a facilitator and guide, starting with respect and compassion for your unique experiences through the achievement of your specific goals.  In my 15+-years in practice, I have been committed to working with people from a variety of ethnic groups, socio-economic conditions, and life situations, families and couples. I have completed all three levels of the Gottman training which relies on the most intensive and long-term study of why marriages succeed or fail. I have also found that in addition to couples therapy, family therapy is an important component to my work with clients and I have seen very effective results in my practice in bridging the relationship gaps between family members. I also work with individuals struggling with cross-cultural issues, domestic violence, post-traumatic stress, childhood sexual trauma, infertility, and other issues related to how mental health impacts the physical self.

My intention in work and life is to make a difference in the lives of others and ultimately a difference in the world. I love what I do and there is nothing that I teach clients that I don't already incorporate in my life. My gifts include compassion, keen intuition, humor and humility because I believe that all of these are essential to promote growth and change. I’ve worked in the field of mental health for over twenty years and have learned so much from my clients, and continue to do so every day. What I have learned from the myriad of experiences is that each of life's challenges, every obstacle in our lives, is an opportunity for growth. My clients bring me profound joy, and they make me feel alive. I celebrate their success as it were my own and guide them through those difficult transitions with compassion and dignity.

My practice was established in 1998 and had been responsible for providing outstanding psychological services ever since. My clients particularly value the one on one attention and care that I give them during the psychological process. When you love what you do like I do, the journey toward helping clients transform is a wonderful one. My practice is located at 1300 W. Belmont, Suite 407 in the city of Chicago. It is conveniently located a very short walk away from the Belmont Brown/Red lines and the Southport Brown line. There is ample street parking during the day and clients can use the lot behind the building after 5PM. I can also be reached via telephone (773) 880-1390 or (773) 297-2696 (cell) or via email at drmanishadayal@creatingconnectionspc.com